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How to Leverage Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing How to Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing I have this friend. He works for a company called Whole Foods > specifically in the seafood department. His shift is from 4am – 3pm every day of the week.  Now my friend Robert isn’t the biggest fan of working for Whole Foods…or even the biggest […]

Is your work place a happy place?

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Is your work place a happy place? by Clare Reynolds | May 11, 2022 Over the last two years, we know that everyone has been asking themselves this question. How do we know? Well, the past 2 years have been called the Great Resignation due to a record-setting number of 4.5 million Americans quitting their job! Hiring Marketing […]

Spring into Action on Social Media!

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Spring into Action on Social Media! by Clare Reynolds | Apr 5, 2022 For the last few months, our team has banded together to create a unique fantastic product we call – the Social Media Content Calendar. We spend time each month pulling together the best ideas and developing them so we can deliver the BEST of the […]

Certified WOB: Myers Marketing Management

Oklahoma Women Owned Company

by Clare Reynolds | Mar 29, 2022 Did you know that Myers Marketing Management is recognized as a Certified Women-owned Business in Oklahoma?! Well, NOW YOU DO! We couldn’t be more excited to have joined the official list! That’s right, Danielle Myers, our fearless leader set out 10+ years ago to help medium and small local businesses advance […]

Win BIG with Our Team

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by Danielle Myers | May 11, 2021 Why hire one full time staff member when you can hire a high functioning, creative, and fully trained professional marketing department of 7+ FTE’s who are ready to WIN?!

Marketing vs. Advertising

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by Danielle Myers | Apr 30, 2021
You know the terms Marketing and Advertising, but what do they really mean? And what do they mean for your business plan? Well friends, that is EXACTLY what we are diving into below in our Marketing Minded blog.

Vision & Mission ARE different!

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Vision & Mission ARE different! by Danielle Myers | Apr 22, 2021 After working with many companies over the years, we have come to find that vision and mission statements often get confused. If you come away with anything from this – let it be that vision and mission statements are not the same thing. From the beginning, if […]