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Today, it’s the creative brand that takes the cake. We live in a market where companies are striving to differentiate and claim a prominent spot in crowded online spaces. Only the most captivating brands stand out. 

The tough part about this new media generation is that creativity can be tough to effectively strategize. So many founders love their companies, and believe deeply in their mission, but have a tough time taking the steps needed to express their brand in a creative way. And this is understandable – it’s rare to be a founder, a video expert, a commercial production guru, a graphic designer, copy writer, and a marketing wizard all at the same time!

Myers Marketing Management is a creative advertising agency of creative types that specialize in creating video, imagery, and content that converts. We’re here to give your brand the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd. We care deeply about every brand we work with and take pride in the trust we have earned with our customers. We started from a grassroots effort ourselves, and we now what it takes to develop a foothold in a market.  Make your company recognizable, appealing, and compelling, all across the web and traditional medias with killer creative.


creative services

Our creative services are designed to accentuate each brands different values for its audiences. Whether you’re a new company just starting up and looking for an assortment of creative services, or an established brand that wants a fresh look on its marketing and image, we’d love to meet you. We can assist you with the following:

Video Production. If you have an online brand today, you need to be creating video content. 65% of marketers are planning to increase their mobile ad budgets to make way for video, a whopping 22% of small business owners have their sights set on using video within the next year. And for a good reason – 36% of online consumers trust video ads and 92% are willing to share them with others. If you want to get into video production for marketing, educational, or advertising purposes let’s talk strategy! Our team of experienced video experts can take your vision of creating video content and incorporate it into your brand strategy. Read more…

Commercial Production. Many brands understand the importance of developing a quality commercial. . Whether you want to advertise on your local television channels or nationally, we’re here to help you get where you want to be. Contact our creative advertising agency to learn more about how we can help you build your video strategy. Read more…

Graphic Design. Great graphic design is one of the primary things to set your brand apart from the competition. Today, it’s easy to have a website, but it’s not easy to have a beautifully designed, user-friendly website, or attractive educational publications. Whether you need a website, a series of graphics, or compelling visuals for a guide or marketing pamphlet, our team has your back. Read more…

Logo Design. Developing a memorable logo is our sweet spot. Myers Marketing Management offers professional logo design. We offer a high-quality logo that’s unique to your brand and goals. Gone are the days of struggling through the creation process with sub-par logo designers: we’re here to ensure your logo packs a punch and grows with your brand over the long-term. Read more…


Let "My Marketing" work for you.

MYERS MARKETING: your creative marketing team

Finding quality creative services can be difficult. Fortunately, Myers Marketing is a dedicated firm with years of experience in creative services, from video and commercial production to graphic and logo design. No matter what your creative goals may be, our team can help you make them a reality.

From producing and planning your first video advertisement to creating a series of highly recognizable and unique graphics for an upcoming marketing campaign, we’ll help you stand out and build a recognizable brand.

Remember: Creativity and innovation is central to any great company, and you need a partner who has the skills and expertise.

To learn more about our services or to talk to one of our experienced team members today, contact our office. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and help you get your creativity on today.


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