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A brand is more than a name, symbol, or design. Rather, it’s the identity of your company and the primary thing that makes you recognizable. What if you treated your company’s brand identity as if it were its single most valuable asset? You might look at your logo, company culture, and advertising a little differently. Consider this, if you haven’t taken the time build and continue to develop your company’s identity how will your customers know how to interact with you and utilize your services?

Brand development is one of the most important pursuits for any company that wants to achieve long-term success. It is “personal development” but for your business. 

The market is saturated with competition, and most businesses are up against dozens of competitors offering similar services. Differentiation is essential. The company that takes the time to develop itself will ultimately claim the customers.

what is brand development?

Process of creating + refining an organization’s brand identity.
This is vital in closing the gap in your companies message and the message your customers are receiving. Your brand helps customers connect your quality services, core values and customer experience to a recognizable symbol. Aspects of your company’s brand image should help customers identify you, no matter the channel of communication.

what is in a brand?

A good brand helps customers connect with your messaging.
It creates a perception of  your company. There are many consideration in the  development of a brand. Good branding involves consideration of your logo + your voice and your target audiences. But also, color schemes, font options and preferred terminology. Great companies see the value in the process and  find ways to weave all these separate facets into one cohesive picture.

Here are the steps our brand development experts
take to help you develop your company brand standards:

Define Your Brand

The first step is to define your brand. Including its voice, is your brand’s voice quirky and fun or buttoned-up and professional? We’ll comb through your competitive market, company culture and core values, as well as, your basic audience demographics to work with you one-on-one. Through this collaborative step we answer the following questions: who is your brand, what is its message, and why does it matter?

Research Your Target Market

Before we can complete a successful set of brand standards, we need to know more about your audience. We dig deep to best understand your target market. Who is buying your product? What do they care about? How can you solve their problems? When you take the time to answer these questions, you build the foundation that supports your marketing efforts and advertising campaigns.

Clarify Your Offering

In this step we work with you to create a more detailed brand definition that clarifies your offerings, services, and unique selling proposition. Here we define many of the channels and media platforms that will be provide the most impact for your communication efforts and advertising dollars.

Get Creative!

Now comes the fun part: putting the finishing trappings on your brand! Your company name, tagline, and logo are significant in the brand development process. A great name, tagline, and logo can produce massive ROIs that carry you through years of successful service. In this stage we produce the creative elements to move your company forward.

why hire a partner in brand development?

You’re the closest person to your company, and it can be tough to see it objectively. When you collaborate with Myers Marketing, however, we’ll work with you to help isolate the most unique aspects of your business, develop an objective view of your offerings, communicate what makes your staff, product, or vision special, and position it all in a way your customers won’t forget.

Remember: brand development is a foundational piece of your marketing strategy, and giving it the time and attention it deserves is essential for your long-term success. Here are the benefits of an out-of-this-world brand:


Stronger Customer Relationships – Customers want to be loyal to a brands. Before they can do that, though, they have to find one they relate to and come to trust.

Education – Great brands educate customers. Make your value proposition clear, and make it easier for prospective customers to separate your brand from the fray. All these things boost conversions and increase customer retention.

Reliability – One of the best ways to create a reliable and predicable company is to nail your branding, right out of the gate. The more recognizable and authentic your branding is, the more faith customers will place in your company.


No matter the industry, your brand is the single most essential resource. Develop it attentively, support it, and help it grow, communicate it effectively, and you’ll earn the market share you desire.

MYERS MARKETING: your source for creative brand strategy assistance

Our firm came from humble roots. We know what it takes to build a brand from the ground up. We also know how difficult it can be to do it on your own. For the small and medium businesses and marketing departments, even though you’re the backbone of your company, communicating what’s so special about it can feel like an uphill battle. When you partner with Myers Marketing Management for your brand development needs, our creative agency will work with you every step of the way to create an approachable brand your customers are excited to interact with. From your brand’s voice to your logo and tagline, every aspect of your company’s message should showcase your personality, vision, commitment, and dedication, and we’re here to help you make it happen. Think of it this way: you’ve worked too hard on building a business to let it be less than it should be. Contact our team today for help put your company’s best face forward, and develop your brand into a powerhouse in your market.

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