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The Power of Persuasion: How an Advertising Marketing Agency in Tulsa Can Boost Your Business

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In the world of advertising and marketing, there’s a powerful tool that can make or break your business’s success: persuasion. Imagine if you could convince potential customers that your product or service is exactly what they need. Well, that’s where an advertising marketing agency in Tulsa comes in. In this blog, we’ll explore the role of persuasion and its impact on business results. We’ll also delve into the different elements involved. Credibility, emotions, memory, association and even humor play vital roles in the persuasive process.

Have you ever been persuaded to do something and then later realize that’s what happened? I’m Dani Myers. I’m the CEO and lead strategist here at Myers Marketing Management in downtown Tulsa. And that is what marketing agencies do every day. We persuade customers to purchase from our clients, their products, their services, their brands.

And it’s. It’s really fun. If we do this in a ethical, moral way, providing solid, factual information to customers. It is a lot of fun, okay? So the question then is, I’m sure most small business owners are asking, as well as, what do you mean persuasion? That kind of has a negative connotation. Well, it’s just leading someone to a decision.

They’re still making the decision, but we’re persuading them our way. And so there’s some like little recipes that we put together as marketing teams that help you do this. Okay. Um, number one, you always want to be relatable. All right. So when you’re coming up with your content, make it real. Be you don’t be somebody else.

I’m not sitting here, um, behind. In like a full suit sitting here behind, behind the camera being someone other than who I am. This is exactly who you get when you meet with me. Be authentic in what you do and relatable. Second, a little bit harder to pull off, but this is social proofing. So this is a term in the marketing world, social proofing.

A lot of times you hear about it on the web. But it applies to content as well, and that’s just showing your audience that people like them or that are in their community are interested in your product or service, et cetera, and use it. Okay? You can do this through sharing reviews, testimonials, showing a map of the area you service, um, giving a case study or story about how you impacted a business in your community, um, You with a group of other business owners or other business or other community leaders at an event Showing that you’re involved in the community and it’s not just you telling them that they’re awesome that you’re awesome But it’s also their community Agreeing that you are a good company to do business with that is called social proofing Another way you can do this is through entertainment, which is should be a large portion of the content that you’re putting out information, education, and entertainment.

So when you’re looking at entertainment. And most of the time, a good way to do that is through humor. A lot of people, if you, if you identified who your customer is, they will respond to humor that’s targeted towards them. So these are kind of our little recipes, our ace, our ace in the sleeve, if you will, to creating and persuading people towards your business.

If you want to talk about persuasion more, please reach out to us on our website. You can fill out a form, schedule a discovery meeting directly on our website, or just shoot us a DM on really any social media platform. We are behind the computer and we will receive the message. If, if you do reach out and I get the opportunity to meet you, I personally hope that I get to hear your story and hear about where you’re trying to go and your goals and your aspirations.

Until then, happy persuading.

The Heart of Advertising Marketing

So, what is persuasion, and why is it crucial for an advertising marketing agency in Tulsa? Persuasion is the art of convincing people to take a desired action. Whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a service, or simply engaging with your brand. It’s like the secret sauce that makes your marketing campaigns truly effective.

Without proper persuasion, your marketing efforts might end up backfiring. If you’re too aggressive, potential customers might feel pushed away. If your approach is insensitive, you could offend your audience. That’s why understanding the balance between being persuasive and respectful is key. A suitable advertising marketing agency in Tulsa will help you find that balance.

Credibility - Building Trust

One of the cornerstones of persuasion is credibility. Imagine you’re thinking about trying a new restaurant. Would you be more likely to go if your friends rave about it or if you’ve heard nothing but bad reviews? That’s the power of social proof. It’s crucial for advertising marketing agencies.

In the digital age, social proof takes many forms: reviews, comments, likes, followers, and subscriptions. When potential customers see that others trust your business, they’re more likely to trust it too. Cite credible sources when mentioning facts. This will boost your credibility.

Backing up your claims with statistics and facts also strengthens your persuasive efforts. People are more likely to believe in your product or service if you provide concrete evidence of its value. Endorsements from influencers or industry experts can also go a long way in persuading your audience too.

Emotions - The Heart of Connection

Now, let’s talk about emotions. Connecting with your intended audience on an emotional level can be a game-changer. If your audience believes in your common purpose or shares your beliefs, they’re more likely to engage with your brand. Consult with an advertising marketing agency in Tulsa for creating a mission statement. Fueled by your company purpose, it will attract customers who align with your brand.

Displaying empathy and sympathy in your marketing campaigns shows that you understand your customers’ needs and concerns. Appealing to their passions, desires and interests can ignite their interest in your offerings. Don’t underestimate the power of using colors, words, tones and even music. These elements can evoke feelings of joy and comfort.

Memory - Making an Impression

Memory plays a significant role in persuasion. Your advertising marketing agency in Tulsa should strive to make a lasting impression for you. Create memorable experiences and messages that stick with your audience. The more they remember you, the more likely they are to choose your business. Advertising marketing agency in Tulsa have many ways to do this.

One way this can be done is through sound. Advertisements often use a spokesperson with a remarkable voice. Music is another great option. Jingles and theme songs and instrumentals are all very effective marketing tools. These compositions can be quite catchy and instantly become stuck in someone’s head. Of course, if you are in the back of someone’s mind, they will be more likely to purchase from you. Simply put, creating memory leads to familiarity. When those memories are positive, this is even more true. Positive memories lead to fondness. This directly relates to the emotional aspect of marketing. As you can see, many of these elements are interrelated.

Association/Connotations - Building Positive Links

Associations and connotations are like mental shortcuts. When customers see your brand, what do they think of? An advertising marketing agency in Tulsa can help you shape these associations in a positive way. Using colors appropriately can help in this area. Whether we know or not, colors can greatly influence our purchasing decisions. Color theory and color psychology have been studied in depth.

It is widely accepted that colors affect our mood. Yellow brings forth feelings of optimism and youth. It is also very effective at grabbing attention. Red is associated with energy and a sense of urgency. That is why it is used in clearance sales. Blue creates the sensation of trust and security. Banks and businesses often use it for that very reason. Green is linked to nature and wealth. Think of the many companies associated with money. The list goes on and on.

Words can have many connotations. These are ideas or feelings that a word invokes. They go beyond the literal or actual meaning. Depending upon the culture and language, they can signify many things. Take for instance the word flower. Most people think of femininity, beauty and nature when you mention the word. By using this understanding, you can communicate more ideas with less words.

Humor - Winning Hearts with Laughter

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of humor. A well-placed joke or a funny ad can create a strong connection with your audience. Think of the most charismatic people. They use humor to make them more likeable. Comedians or just funny people in general tend to be well liked. They have the ability to brighten one’s day. Oftentimes, the mere mention of their name can put a smile on your face. Humor breaks the ice and makes your brand more relatable. A comic approach to your marketing makes your brand more memorable. It invokes positive emotion as well. Just remember, humor is subjective, so keep it light and inoffensive.

In Summary

In conclusion, persuasion is the secret sauce that can elevate your business. Partnering with an advertising marketing agency in Tulsa will elevate you to new heights. Having the best product does not guarantee success. Presentation is key. People want to buy from brands they like. Make your target audience more than customers. Create a relationship with them. Customers who feel connected and positively influenced will be more inclined to purchase from you. It’s the art of convincing and connecting with your audience through credibility, emotions, memory, association and even a touch of humor. So, when you’re planning your venture, remember the power of persuasion and watch your business thrive.

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