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Brand Marketing Tulsa:
5 Impactful Tips for Businesses

Enhance your business with these tactics from Myers Marketing Management

brand marketing tulsa

In this article, we’ll discuss how Tulsa business owners can attract more customers through brand recognition.

Brand Marketing? What’s that?

Brand marketing is the process of promoting a business or organization with a distinct identity.

According to the latest data from the United States Census Bureau, there were 11,059 Tulsa businesses in 2017. It would be quite hard to stand out among this much competition, to say the least. So, what should a company do in this case? Well, that’s where brand marketing can save the day. As stated above, brand marketing is the process of promoting a business or organization with a distinct identity.

What does all that mean in practical terms?

Oftentimes, customers associate businesses with specific terms like a place or industry. For instance, if I were to say, “Tulsa and convenience store” What business would come to mind? If I were to talk about a grocery chain in your city, what store would you think of? Customers tend to associate a business with specific qualities as well. When people think of their favorite fast-food restaurant, qualities like fast service, convenience, refreshing, and open late come to mind along with their brand colors.

If your business is in the childcare industry, you want to be associated with words like Trustworthy, reliable, safe, and fun. Therefore, the key is to present your business to Tulsa consumers in a way that reveals its essence. To do this, we need to define that. This leads us to Tip #1.


Tip #1 – Define a Purpose

It’s highly recommended that you create a purpose defining why the business exists. Why was it created? What purpose does it serve? Who is your client base? These are all important questions you should answer. Afterward, you should make a mission statement. This will lay the foundation for your organization externally as well as internally. Having a purpose helps an organization form morals and values. A purpose sets the tone for company culture as well. It would be very easy for customers to be confused about the intent of a business if it isn’t well-defined.

Ex. – Our company was founded to provide everyday Tulsans with well-made yet affordable clothing.


Tip #2 – Create an Identity

Now that we know who you are, we need to know how you are. Creating an identity is essential for brand marketing in Tulsa. You have to know what your company’s brand is before you can expect the public to know. This is critical because it not only says what it is but also what it is not. As a business owner, customers mustn’t associate you with negative traits. This could ruin your reputation and business in the process. Consumers should have a strong sense of your brand’s personality. This could include adjectives that describe your entity. Designing a unique logo or font would make it especially identifiable too. You must choose brand colors and a motto or slogan.


  • Brand Colors:  Green, Black, White
  • Slogan: Fine Clothing without the price of fines
  • Logo: Satin Weave Pattern
  • Adjectives: down to earth, reliable, relatable, affordable, fashionable


Tip #3 – Study Your Market

Although shaping a company’s traits are important, it isn’t everything. No business operates alone. Every company has customers and competition. As similarly stated in the Art of War, if you know yourself and not your competition for every success you will suffer a failure. How can you be sure to set yourself apart if you are unaware of your competitors’ profiles and efforts? Also, researching your customers will come in handy. A business must always make sure that it is catering to their needs. This could entail adjusting aspects of your brand if they are unappealing.


  • Market Size
  • Amount of Competitors
  • Consumer Analysis


Tip #4 – Promote Your Brand

In this stage, you would communicate information about your purpose, identity, and market. This can be achieved through indirect and direct marketing. Indirect marketing could involve building a website and implementing an SEO strategy. Additionally, you could create social network accounts with organic posts. You could also appear on podcasts or conference panels. This strategy tends to be less costly but may take longer. In turn, direct marketing would be more immediate yet it tends to be more expensive. For direct marketing, a business may run commercials or advertisements across the internet, radio, television, billboards, and print.


  • Google Ads
  •  Advertisement by Mail
  • YouTube Videos
  • Sponsorships


Tip #5 – Refresh

Have you ever noticed that your favorite brands of food alter their packaging from time to time? As a business leader, it would be advantageous for you to periodically update your brand’s look or messaging. This helps give your brand-new energy. It makes your company appear in tune and up to speed with the times. While we want to continually evolve our branding, we should always retain the core values. Businesses should develop new aspects for themselves without confusing customers.


  • Redesign your Logo
  • Create a New Slogan
  • Revise your Marketing Strategy
  • Change the Tint, Tone, or Shade of Brand Colors


All 5 of these tips are integral for brand marketing in Tulsa. Of course, this can be a huge undertaking. That’s why the guidance and support of a marketing agency is so beneficial. At Myers Marketing Management, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience in branding for businesses of various sizes and industries. We understand what you need and how to deliver it. Current and potential customers alike need a mental connection to your business. Fine-tuning your purpose, identity, and market research will lay this groundwork. Next, it is just a matter of building upon your foundation through promotion and revamps. We will work with you every step of the way as a Partner not just merely a client. We would love to help improve your business! Contact us today.

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