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At Myers Marketing Management, we believe that the success of any organization is found through the continuous development of clear brand standards, communication and marketing strategies, and, most importantly, relationships. The many different types of relationships that exist in business should be identified and celebrated.

We strongly believe in these core developments of business and focus on helping our clients achieve outstanding implementation and results. We are dedicated to providing a positive ROI in a market that’s increasingly crowded.

The Myers Marketing


Brands can talk all they want to the market, but it won’t result in much of an impact  unless they’re ready to hear your message. We develop creative communication approaches that lay the foundation for a reciprocal relationship between our partner’s brands and target market.

Reach Customers When They’re Ready to Listen.

Once upon a time, the act of marketing was predatory. It involved brands seeking to exploit customers’ weaknesses or insecurities to make a sale. Today the dynamics of marketing have shifted, and consumers are more likely to be unwilling to do business with brands they don’t like, respect, or trust. We believe that you should celebrate your customers and values of your company and products. We are here to help you do it.

Make Marketing Celebratory.

To be successful, every organization should of course approach their marketing in a way that suits their brand, market, and customers. Our talented, experienced team has the skills and vision to help you develop strategies for YOUR company.

Work With a Talented, Experienced Team.

our vision

Providing Creative, Ongoing Support for you and Your Team.

At Myers Marketing, we know what it’s like to build brand and maintain a business. We’ve been there. Our company started at a kitchen table. We can relate to the unique challenges of building a successful brand from a dream and lots of hard work.

From the being Myers Marketing Management’s vision has been to be an honest, creative, box-busting marketing firm with a team of highly skilled and passionate consultants. To always brainstorm and produce head turning, thumb stopping messaging that our partners deserve. We work hard to make our processes transparent to our partners.

We couldn’t be more thankful to be here today, helping provide quality, personalized service to our partners.


meet our team

Dani Myers

 Montana girl turned Oklahoman, Danielle is the owner of Myers Marketing Management. She founded Myers Marketing in 2011 and also owns the We Are Sand Springs magazine. Her main duties as the owner are helping businesses find their brand standards to promote long-term growth.

Dani Myers

C.E.O – Strategist

Donald Myers (D.A.)

 D.A. is the Web Developer and Co-Owner of Myers Marketing Management. He designs and codes websites for Myers Marketing and its clients. He’s heavily involved in Sand Springs and is a longtime promoter of its growth. You’ll find him as a member at the Sand Springs Rotary Club and he’s active with the Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Donald Myers (D.A.)

C.T.O. Web Developer

Clare Reynolds

Clare Reynolds

Marketing Specialist

Erynn McCabe

Erynn McCabe


Maryn Keck

Maryn Keck

Account Manager

Sylvian Do

Sylvian Do

Social Media Intern

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