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Tulsa Print Services

Whether you’re looking to publicize an upcoming event or advertise a new location, print media can be a fantastic way to spread the word.

Print Services Tulsa
Print Media

Tulsa Print Services

Printed marketing materials are an incredibly vital aspect of the marketing mix. Customers can better understand your brand and services through well-produced promotional flyers, customized publications, and promotional pieces. Effective use of print media allows companies to stretch their advertising dollars over long periods. Similar to digital content, print media can be incredibly informative. A well-designed flyer can leave a lasting impact on consumers and has the potential to enhance your online search traffic and word-of-mouth awareness. Print media, when done correctly, can have a long lifespan in the hands of interested customers. 

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Benefits of Print Media

At Myers Marketing, we believe that there is power in print media. It can be a valuable aspect of your marketing strategy with benefits too important to pass up.

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While digital media is booming, print media gives customers and instant impression of your brand that can provide a memorable sensory experience if done right.


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Increased Engagement

By providing news, updates, or other valuable information, customers can be drawn through an experience that makes them more willing to interact with your brand down the road.


Bulk Capabilities

Print Media can create a customized, targeted experience on a bulk level. After a print template had been created, it can be printed hundreds or thousands of times.

Print Media Services

Customized Publications

Publications such as magazines and pamphlets are ideal for localized distribution and can help bulk up your direct mail or creative marketing efforts.

Print Media Services

Promotional Flyers

Promotional flyers are ideal for publicizing an upcoming event or opening a new location. They can be a fantastic method of exposing your brand to new people.

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We understand that it can be daunting to let someone else handle your marketing materials. That is why we aim to be entirely transparent and communicative with all our clients.

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Developing print media requires a lot of time and effort, do not let it be dull and uninspired. The team at Myers Marketing knows what it takes to create a memorable print campaign. We create attractive print pieces you will be proud to show off and your customers will enjoy. 

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