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Printed marketing materials remain a valuable part of the marketing mix. Well produced promotional flyers, customized publications, and promotional pieces are all reasons that print media helps your customers understand your brand and services. Print media, when done well, has a long lifespan in the hands of interested customers. 

Whether you’re looking to publicize an upcoming event or advertise a new location print media can be a fantastic way to spread the word.

why use

print media?

Companies that effective use print media benefit from their advertising dollars stretching over time. Print media combines several unique benefits that make it highly memorable and impactful.

Like digital content, print media can be informative. When consumers see a well designed flyer or invitation they remember its colors, the logo, and the feeling it provided them. They remember snippets of text and can recall keywords long after having seen the flyer.

In this way, print media has the potential to enhance your online searches and spread the word locally about your offerings.

Here are a few of the benefits of print media:

Tangibility. While there’s no question that the digital world is booming, there’s still something to be said for tangible marketing materials that people can touch and feel. Print media gives customers an instant impression of your brand and can provide a memorable sensory experience if you do it right.

Increased Engagement. Print media can be very engaging. By providing news, updates, information, or other valuable resources print media can draw a customer through an experience that makes them more willing to interact with your brand down the road.

Bulk Capabilities. Through print media, we can create a customized, targeted experience on a bulk level. After all, once a print media template has been created, it can be printed hundreds or thousands of times, simplify distribution. Place is key in printed marketing material no different than other mediums.

our print media services

At Myers Marketing, we believe there is still power in print media. While it can’t be the only pillar of your marketing strategy, it’s far too important to ignore.

Our team has years of experience in both print and digital media, we offer a variety of print management services to cater to your unique needs. These include the following:

Customized Publications.

Customized publications.. magazines and  pamphlets oh my! These pieces are sometimes ideal for localized distribution and can help bulk up your direct mail or creative marketing efforts. Here at Myers Marketing, we have the creative staff required to help you come up with a compelling idea for a customized publication, and then bring it to life.

Promotional Flyers.

Ideal for publicizing an upcoming event or spreading the word about a new branch or location, promotional flyers can be a fantastic way to earn more eyes on an advertisement or expose your brand to more people. Our team will give you the creative guidance you need to develop these flyers and ensure an accurate depiction of your brand.


Let "My Marketing" work for you.


the creative team you need for creative print materials

If you’re going to go to the time and effort required to develop print media, you can’t afford for it to be dull and uninspired. Here at Myers Marketing, our team of creative marketing managers knows exactly what it takes to develop a memorable print  campaign. We will develop attractive pieces that you’ll will be proud to show off.

Even if you’ve never created print media before, our print advertising experience is here to guide you through the process.