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For the week of November 14th, 2022

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Updates from our Web Team

Date 11/14/22

  • Google saw some volatility this past weekend when it comes to ranking. Reports of an update, unconfirmed, have been making their way around the internet.
  • WordPress released version 6.1 “Misha” last week and hasn’t sent out a security update which is a good sign for this build!
  • Elementor released version 3.8.1 last week. Be sure to have your theme updated!

How to SEO…

Date: 10/17/22

SEO isn’t just for web pages! Optimizing your video content for both Youtube and Google search engines can increase your online traffic and help potential customers find your business.

Youtube SEO Best Practices 

Ranking Youtube Videos on Google

A word from our fearless leader,

Date: 11/14/22

So… I have a confession. Ever since high school, I have enjoyed personality tests self-evaluation and at one point in my life even astrology. I think that what is so intriguing to me is the fact that God made us all unique but in his image.

Call me crazy but learning about people has always made me feel more connected and in line with God. This month at Myers Marketing Management we dug in as a team to learn more about ourselves and our team members through personality tests and assessments. I love seeing the light bulbs turn on within our team. Learn more about the test we used here.

Social Media Department Updates & News

Date: 11/14/22

Do your ad dollars have a purpose? 

Before you go on Meta or TikTok Ads and throw a wad of digital cash at a high-performing post – have you thought about the real goal and purpose behind your ad dollars? 

Here’s a thought – instead of pressing Boost Post –  put pen to paper and write out what you want each of your dollars to do. Is it brand awareness – aiming for 10,000 new people to know about your business? Is it conversions – 10 customers purchasing a 20$ product? 

You can’t expect your ad dollars to show up for your business if you haven’t given them a purpose and a plan.

Screaming GOATT Newsletter

A Word From Our Fearless Leader