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This blog gives guidance for businesses looking to switch marketing agencies in Tulsa.

In the always changing world of marketing, businesses need marketing agencies to stay competitive. Whether it’s digital or traditional, a big agency or a specialized one, these agencies are key to helping businesses succeed. The right marketing agency can make more people know your brand. One can bring in new customers too. Also, one could make your business more successful. But what do you do when the agency you have now doesn’t do what you need? This blog will talk about how to check, leave, and move to a new marketing agency in Tulsa. It’ll give a plan for businesses that want to start fresh.

What Type of Marketing Agency in Tulsa is Best?

Let’s take a look at the options that are available. Tulsa’s marketing scene boasts a diverse range of agencies. Each one specializes in different areas. Digital marketing agencies excel in online strategies. Meanwhile. traditional agencies may focus on more traditional mediums. This includes print advertising, television and billboards. Full-service agencies provide comprehensive marketing solutions. Lastly, niche agencies target specific industries or needs. By understanding these agency types, you can better align your business with the one that suits your unique situation.

Agency Types

  • Digital
  • Traditional
  • Full-Service
  • Niche

Evaluating Your Current Agency

How do you know if it is time for a change? It’s important to notice the signs that tell you it might be time to find a new marketing agency. These signs can include not getting your work on time, not being creative enough, or not meeting your business goals. Think about these issues and see if your agency can fix them.

Figure out why you are not happy. Go deeper and find out why you’re not happy. It could be that your goals don’t match. Maybe you are not getting the results you want. Or, maybe there’s a problem with how you talk to each other. Figuring out these issues will help you talk better with your new agency.

Think about setting firm goals and expectations. It’s really important to be clear about what you want when you look for a new agency. Whether you want to make your brand better, get more customers, or get people to engage with your business, knowing what you want is the key to finding the right partner.

Things to Consider

  • Timeliness
  • Creativity
  • Goals
  • Results
  • Communication

Finding the Right Replacement

Use tips and advice when shopping around. Start your search for a new marketing agency by seeking recommendations from your network, researching online, and attending industry events. By casting a wide net, you increase your chances of finding the perfect fit.

Take specific factors into account. When evaluating potential agencies, consider factors such as industry expertise, budget alignment, and the specific services offered. Assess their track record, case studies, and client testimonials to ensure they have the skills and experience to meet your needs.

Always be careful when selecting. Due diligence is essential in ensuring you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to ask tough questions. Check references. Scrutinize proposals. A thorough evaluation process will help you make an informed decision.

What to Look For

  • Expertise
  • Track Record
  • Reviews
  • References
  • Specific Services

Maintaining a Good Relationship

Why should you leave amicably? Leaving your current agency on good terms is not just a matter of professionalism; it can also benefit your business in the long run. A positive relationship ensures a smooth transition. Why?  You may still need to collaborate during the handover process.

How can a good relationship benefit you? A positive relationship with your former agency can lead to future partnerships, referrals, or even collaboration on specific projects. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

What are some tips for an easy change? Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of a smooth transition. Be clear about your intentions, expectations, and timelines. Maintain a respectful and professional demeanor throughout the process.

Handling Contractual Obligations

Don’t forget to look over your contract carefully. Your existing contract with your agency likely contains provisions about termination. Understand these clauses, including notice periods, cancellation fees, and any obligations that continue after termination.

Stick to your word. It’s crucial to adhere to your contractual obligations, even if you’re parting ways. This ensures a legally sound and respectful transition. Seek legal advice if necessary.

Let them know in a proper way. Communication is key when notifying your current agency about your decision to part ways. Clearly state your reasons, adhere to any contractual notice requirements, and discuss the terms of transition.

Onboarding Your New Agency

How will the period of change go? The transition to a new agency involves an onboarding process, which includes sharing your business history, marketing objectives, and any specific requirements. Establish expectations and set a timeline for the handover.

Remember to stay in touch. Maintain open lines of communication with your new agency throughout the onboarding process. Provide access to necessary resources and information to facilitate a smooth transition.


Let’s review the main steps and points to keep in mind. Switching to a new marketing agency is a huge decision that requires careful evaluation, open communication, and adherence to contractual obligations. By following these steps, businesses can seamlessly navigate the process and improve their marketing strategies.

Make your relationship a priority. The success of your marketing agency relationship is pivotal in achieving your business goals. By investing time and effort into finding the right partner and handling the transition professionally, you can position your business for growth and success in Tulsa’s competitive market.

Hi, I’m Dani Myers, the CEO and Lead Strategist here at Myers Marketing Management. I’m here to talk to you about how to break up with your Ad Agency. Obviously, this one hits a little bit close to home, but just know that we’ve put together this blog, and even a checklist and a tool to use as a template for an email. It guides you on what to say and how to approach it.

Most of the time, when we walk into a situation where a client is looking to partner with our agency but they have another agency, I’m a firm believer in not poaching other people’s clients. However, sometimes we run into a situation where they find us and say, ‘I’m looking to make a change. I’m really not sure how to approach this conversation.’ It needs to be done respectfully and ethically. How do I do it?

So, what we’ve put together is a checklist of what you want to make sure you’re reviewing and guiding yourself through when approaching this breakup. It’s never a conversation, especially in business, of ‘Hey, we’re never doing business together again.’ Most of the time, it’s not. Most of the time, it’s ‘Hey, we’re going a different direction. I don’t feel like it’s a great fit,’ or whatever it might be. You definitely don’t want to burn a bridge, especially in the Tulsa Market. It’s such a small big town.

We’ve put this tool together for you, and it was actually created because of this exact situation. We had a client who tried an agency, a small business, came to us and said, ‘Hey, this is what happened. I spent my entire budget on essentially one deliverable, and I wasn’t happy. I felt that I wasn’t going to be able to scale my company based on the budget that he had left.’ So, he said, ‘I’m just not sure how to approach this. This is my industry, not this, and I’m not sure how to have this conversation.’ This tool came to be because of an active situation just like it, and a need for it. So, we’ve published it for you.

Obviously, it hits home a little bit because we are an agency, but I think that if there’s a tough conversation to be had, it’s best to have it openly, it’s best to have it with everyone’s work taken into consideration. If you’re looking for an ad agency or you have questions about this tool, please feel free to reach out to us on our website, MyersMM.com. You can fill out one of our forms or schedule a discovery meeting right there. If I don’t get to visit with you personally, I know that my team has you in great hands. But if I do get to, I can’t wait to hear your story and for your business, and hear about your goals. Until then, I hope you have a great day.

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