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The 14 MUSTS for Your Rebrand

by Danielle Myers | Feb 19, 2021

Building a reliable brand is – no joke – one of the most important tasks you can do for your business. No matter if you are in the dining, home services or medical industry, a brand is the element of your company that allows your customers to trust in your services. Building relationships is what we do here at Myers Marketing, simply put, brands represent your company in the relationship you want to build with your customers. Below we have compiled a list that will help take you through the beginning process of implementing a rebrand successfully. When done right, this list will be a launching pad for your brand’s uniformity. 

Print Branding to launch your rebrand! 

  • Business Cards
    • One of the first things you will be doing as a business owner is building your network. AKA Sales – and what’s better than to have a professional, sturdy business card that clients and prospects can take back to the office and research your business or simply have your information for the time they need you most! 
  • Letterhead
    • A letterhead is situated at the top of any business documents you might create. Placing your letterhead at the top of all documents allows for fluidity within your brand and is a sign of professionalism. A letterhead may include your logo and business name and your contact information. 
  • Brochure
    • Sharing everything about your company can be an information overload to some customers. That’s why we recommend creating a brochure complete with the essential information about your company and a few photos to show how you serve your customers.
  • Signage
    • Signage refers to the directional and informational signs about, around and within your business establishment. When you create your signage list, it’s best to imagine yourself as a visiting customer, driving in your car or walking around your shop location. When we take a step back and look through the eyes of our customers we can see that direction is needed if we want to be noticed. No one likes walking into a store and not knowing what’s going on or where they need to go. 
  • Packaging 
    • It doesn’t matter if you are a business who sells product or services, you’ll need packaging for both! Designing packaging with your brand colors, logo and signature phrase are great ways to get your logo in front of customers eyes. 
  •  Uniforms
    • A uniform makes you look put together. It’s as simple as that! While it may have a few downsides, such as having to provide clothing for your employees or the hassle of making sure everyone comes to work dressed for success the benefits outweigh tremendously! 
  • Rack Cards
    • Rack Cards may sound similar to brochures, however they serve a different purpose. Rack cards are a single sheet of information. Think consumable specific content. 

Digital Branding for your successful rebrand 

  • Email Signatures
    • Up next a branded Email Signature. An email signature lands on the bottom of each email with necessary information such as your name, title, phone number, website address and company name. Having an email signature shows professionalism and is an easy way to share your business information so your clients have access 24/7.
  •  Website
    • Your website if your customer MAIN HUB for all things related to your business. If they want to know contact information, current sales, history or put a face to their new fav business… they will travel the world wide web in search of your website. A website needs to be clear, clean and ON BRAND! A powerful, responsive and beautiful website needs to be built in order to articulate your message and get people to take action. Similar to a menu, you want customers’ eyes to travel smoothly over the pages and have a clear understanding of where they can find the information they seek. 
  •  Social Platforms
    • Revamp your Facebook, InstagramGoogle+PinterestLinkedin and other social media platforms! ! It’s really that simple. Be sure that the images that represent your company that live on your page reflect your brand. 

More Branding that matters.

  • Menus
    • Showing off your items on a menu needs to be pleasing to the eye. Let’s stray away from frilly fonts and over the top wording. When your eyes rest on a menu, whether food or service related it needs to be easily readable and understandable.
  • Promotional Items
    • Promotional items are a great way to spread the word about your revamp. Whether you are hosting a give-away or you have freebies in your store for customers to grab on their way out, people will always love FREE! When selecting your promotional items step into the shoes of your ideal customers. What would they like to be given? What is a good enough deal that I leave my house to get? How will they obtain the promotional items? And the biggest question, where will the promotional item end up? This question is important because if your customer gets home and they throw it in the junk drawer, no one is going to see or inquire about your logo on the item. Choose an item you believe most customers will take with them and set out in public for all to see your logo.
  • Procedure Signage 
    • Procedure signage is any and all signs regarding procedures such as hand washing, evacuation, emergency exit directions, fire escape paths, mask mandates and more! Ensuring the safety of you and your customers should be first priority when inviting someone into your business store front.
  • Thank You Cards
    • Finding ways to put your logo in front of fresh eyes and making an impression is what we are going for with branded Thank You Cards. It’s not too often you receive a thank you card these days and that is why it is IMPORTANT to send these out to clients and potential customers. Whether they are a first time buyer or they have been supporting your business for years, thank you cards will leave a good impression on your customers.