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Strengthen Business Weaknesses: How to Sort through Marketing Firms in Tulsa

marketing firms in Tulsa

This article will cover the different specializations marketing firms in Tulsa may have. It will detail how to figure out what firms will best suit the needs of businesses dependent upon their specific needs.

Establish a Solid Online Presence

27% of small businesses lack a website according to Cision by PR Newswire. This is a stunning number for this day in age. Nonetheless, if you are a part of this percentage, being selective when sifting through marketing firms in Tulsa is of the utmost importance. A website brings a wealth of advantages to a business. It serves as a central hub for all the information you would like to communicate to the public. Returning and new customers alike will have a reliable place to obtain knowledge about your company. Furthermore, it can be used to gather information about your current and prospective customers.

As opposed to social media accounts, businesses control their website’s entirely. Marketing firms in Tulsa who offer web design can provide you with digital real estate ownership so to speak. There are companies that only provide web design without any expertise in marketing. While these companies may build marvelous websites, that is not enough. A marvelous website that does not translate into better ROI or revenue could be more of a liability than an asset. Marketing firms in Tulsa are the missing link between the two. They tie them together so that they work synergistically.

What if I already have a website? Well, in this case, web design from marketing firms in Tulsa can still be helpful. Your website may not be anywhere near its full potential. Perhaps, you have low traffic meaning very few people visiting your site. Is your website outdated? Giving your website a makeover could boost the reputation of your business. Also, nobody likes visiting a slow webpage. A marketing agency could optimize your website speed. This would improve user experience. It can encourage them to visit more often and for longer periods of time.

Meet Your Target Audience on their Terms

Maybe you already have a website. For your particular situation, search engine optimization could benefit you greatly. Search engine optimization is often referred to as SEO and is the process of making web content rank higher on search engine results. According to Entrepreneur.com, more than 50% of small businesses lack SEO strategies. Seek marketing firms in Tulsa who provide SEO services. These services will take your website to the next level. Proper strategies will make your content more visible attracting more visitors. More visitors can translate to more purchases. 

Internet traffic as a whole increased by 40% during the first year of the pandemic. All of this heightened traffic is room for opportunity. A portion of this traffic could be flowing to your website. The beauty of SEO involves the fact that it can bring value long after its implementation. SEO works by crafting content around keywords for which your target audience searches. Given this fact, marketing firms in Tulsa can create custom search engine optimization efforts to attract specific kinds of visitors. These visitors will be more likely to purchase and spend more. Effectively, a marketing agency can implement SEO on your website to increase revenue and profits.

Hello, I am Dani Myers, the CEO and Lead strategist here at Myers Marketing Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we service businesses all over the United States when it comes to their marketing needs. So we have services that include web development, web design, SEO, social media management, creative Services, you name it. We’re a full-service marketing firm, and I am here to help you try to figure out what is going to best suit your business.

When it comes to working with a marketing team, it is a very challenging subject to kind of walk into. And a lot of people in the third and fourth quarters are dealing with this conversation. And so my hope is, is that I can be here and kind of walk you through what you want to be looking at.

Now, I want to start with what I always start with, especially with my Consulting clients. And that is what is your goal of your organization, or better yet, what is your goal this year, this coming year? What are you trying to accomplish? Once you have some metrics put into place, not only for the metrics, the numbers, and the revenue that you’re trying to accomplish, but what impact are you trying to make within your community, your industry, or your staff? If you want to level up the way that you operate as a company, what are those goals?

And then take a step back and do a little bit of Human Resources inventory and say, okay, what resources do I have on my team currently that can help me get to where I’m trying to go? And do they have the capacity to do it? Start visiting with those individuals and looking at, okay, what amount of their job can be spent in a marketing capacity, if they’re a great team member? Well, yeah, you want to scale them, right? Like can I just have five of this one team member? I totally get it. But at the end of the day, marketing is not a part-time effort. It’s truly not. And so what you want to do is look and say, okay, what do I have currently on my marketing team? Who do I have on my team that would serve well in a marketing capacity? And can I lose them in the department that I’m in? And just critically look at that information. And once you kind of have a decent inventory of what you have and then what you need, then make the short list of what you need. Okay. So maybe you don’t have a solid capacity on your team for pay-per-click or Google ads, or Meta ads, or SEO, but you do have someone who can gather social media content and edit it and get it out there. Maybe they can respond to your reviews online and have a good customer service tone. Maybe they can do your email marketing text message marketing, or community engagement. All services that full-service marketing companies should offer. But there are also Niche agencies out there that are there. And so that’s what I mean, like what human resources do you have on your team, and what do you need? So let’s kind of go down them, and the base, the very base, is going to be your graphic design. If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team, find a good vendor. You don’t necessarily have to purchase something every single month, but have someone on your team who’s helping you work on your brand, who consistently, once a quarter, can help you add another element and take it to the next level, who can help you put the design pieces together for your next proposal, and really keep everything fresh and keep you attractive to your ideal customers. Next is SEO. SEO is so incredibly important. It is not a part-time gig. It is not for necessarily new hires unless they have a ton of experience. SEO is search engine optimization is really the scaling effect for your business. If you can balance the right amount of SEO within your company, customers can find you and they can come to you. So make sure you have somebody on your team or that you’re searching for a vendor that can help you get to where you need to go. SEO is a long game. So you want to make sure that you have someone that you can work with and that you trust, and that will help educate you along the way. Okay, pay-per-click or Google ads. Pay-per-click is really important for your business, especially, really any industry, whether it’s non-profit, where you basically get free ads. So that’s amazing or service-based businesses, retail, really all of it is just very, very important. So make sure that you have a vendor or someone on your team who knows how to scale Those ads and get them to landing pages that actually convert, and get those visitors what they want to see. Um, make sure it’s integrated with your CRM and all of the software that you have at your business and scale in that way. You don’t want to necessarily have a big gap between when someone first sees you and when you get back to them. You want that to be seamless through automation. And the best way to do that is to integrate that into your website. In social media marketing, you might have someone who can gather content, but they’re not great at editing or really don’t follow trends. Or maybe you have someone who can do all of that and respond to your reviews. That’s great. There are also agencies that specialize in social media marketing and creating content that really captures the audience and engages them in a way that drives bookings, right? Drives appointments, and drives sales. And so look at what you need. What capacity do you need? Not just, oh, this person is capable, they know how social media works. But what do I need to produce out of my social media account? What is the goal? And then, lastly, email marketing and text message marketing is a really great way to nurture your existing customers. And so I would recommend looking internally or externally to find somebody who can help you get there, whether that be through automation or regular campaigning. And make sure that that checkbox is listed. Once you’ve gone through that list, there are so many other components of marketing. However, once you’ve gone through that list and you’ve identified, okay, this is a vendor, this is a staff member, etc., then you can move on to the next stages. Okay. I personally, if I get an opportunity to visit with you, can’t wait to hear what your goals are in the history of your company and how you came about. But if you are ever interested in learning about what those next steps might look like and how to walk through them to take your business to the next level and skill your revenue and your employees and just your entire company to exactly where you want it to be and how you dreamed it to be, I would love to sit down with you and help you strategize how to get there. And like I said, I truly love hearing goals and the history of the why behind your company. If you want to visit with me, you can reach out directly on our website, schedule an appointment, or just DM us through the site or through social media. And I would be happy to sit down with you. If you want to reach somebody in one of our other departments, our web department, social media department, or creative department, you can also find them on our website and through social media. Until we visit again, I hope that you’re having a fantastic day and that your strategy is moving in the direction that you hoped.

Get Fast Results

While SEO strategies have many perks, its sibling PPC has much to offer as well. PPC stands for pay per click. It is a paid advertising service that some marketing firms in Tulsa offer. Instead of relying on customers to find you through searches, PPC targets them directly. Examples of pay per click are ads that you have seen when using search engines. These advertisements are highly visible. As a result, it can lead to more clicks and especially from those intending to make purchases. One incredible feature of PPC is its ability to produce more immediate results. If your business has an upcoming sale or event, pay per click can be very useful. In scenarios like this, time is of the essence.

Cultivate and Connect with the Community

Social media marketing can be a powerful service of marketing firms in Tulsa. There are 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide. Whether you run a local bakery or an international clothing store, your target audience is sure to be on a social media platform. Websites tend to be more isolated from one another. Social media platforms differ due to their integrative nature. A post from one account can appear on the timeline of a completely unrelated account. These systems allow for more opportunities to promote your business. Also, content is more easily shareable with the advent of share buttons.

Building relationships with your target audience can be achieved through social media. Choose a marketing firm in Tulsa that has experience in connecting with your audience. Your post can be a way of humanizing your company. Cultivating relationships through social media can lead to increased customer loyalty. This, in turn, can boost revenue and establish stability.

Captivate Your Customers through Design

In today’s visually-driven business landscape, a compelling graphic design can be the key to unlocking your brand’s success. Marketing firms in Tulsa play a pivotal role in this by harnessing the power of graphic design. This power serves businesses across various industries.It can create eye-catching logos and branding materials that encapsulate a company’s identity. Additionally, designers can design captivating social media visuals that stop scrollers in their tracks. Marketing in Tulsa with graphic design are the creative engines that drive brand recognition. For instance, a tech startup looking to establish a strong online presence might turn to a marketing firm for sleek attention-grabbing online and tangible assets. Similarly, a restaurant aiming to whet the appetites of potential customers could rely on a marketing firm to craft tantalizing menus and visually appealing signage.

For businesses seeking to make their mark in competitive markets, partnering with a marketing firm equipped with top-notch graphic design expertise is a strategic move. Take the fashion industry as an example – clothing brands seeking to stand out amid countless competitors can benefit greatly. They should seek marketing firms that specialize in visual storytelling. These firms can create stunning lookbooks and elegant packaging. Striking online ad campaigns that translate into increased sales could come in handy also. Additionally, the real estate sector heavily relies on aesthetics to lure potential buyers. A marketing firm proficient in graphic design can assist real estate agencies by producing high-quality brochures, immersive virtual property tours, and visually appealing advertisements that showcase properties in their best light. In essence, whether it’s a budding e-commerce venture, a healthcare institution, or an entertainment establishment, the partnership between marketing firms and graphic design can transform a business’s identity and elevate it above the noise in today’s bustling marketplace.

To Conclude

The selection process for a marketing agency can be a difficult task. After all, for any business, this is a highly consequential decision. The right agency can lead a company to success. The wrong agency could cause you to spiral down into failure. For this reason, you should assess your business needs.Once you have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier. Partner with a marketing firm that is strong where you are weak. A business with no website should seek marketing firms in Tulsa with phenomenal experience in web design. If your business has no SEO strategy, seek an agency that specializes in this area. Your business should always be looking to elevate itself. Deliver news about a new sale or event with pay per click. Create stronger ties with your community through social media marketing. Captivate your audience and impress them with graphic design. A partnership should provide balance. Seeking that balance is the first step on a path to success.