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Social Media Intern

Intern Duties and Responsibilities Related to Marketing:

○ Create content and explore social platforms and messaging for Myers Marketing and our Partners alongside our marketing team

○ Pitch Ideas

○ Gather content of all kinds

○ Make calls and provide basic company information to prospective Partners

○ Take notes during meetings

○ Develop project briefs, drafts, and reports

○ Work client events and outreach

○ Learn to analyze social platform data to optimize campaigns and create messaging

○ Manage databases and input information, data, and records.

○ Market research and gather documentation

○ Attend company functions and networking events

○ Shadow multiple Marketing-related positions and train in a variety of tasks

○ Update and post supervised social media and website content

○ Contribute to the creative process within the Myers Marketing 

Management: iPartner team.

Intern Requirements and Qualifications: 

○ Upper level – Undergraduate College Student: or seeking a career change with 4+ years of work experience in a professional environment

○ Passionate about social media and authentic content

○ Proficient computer skills, including all Google Suite Products

○ Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation

○ Excellent written and verbal communication skills

○ Self-directed and able to work without supervision

○ Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas

○ Coachable and motivated by self-growth

○ Knowledgeable in photoshop and lightroom

○ Wields social apps like a master

○ An eye for photography and good content

○ An understanding of the legal requirements of design

Payscale for C Level Interns ranges $9-11.50 per hour depending on skill level and availability.

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