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Level Up your Social Media Calendar Game:

by Danielle Myers | Feb 10, 2022

A Social Media Calendar like Never Before

Why did we create this Social Media Calendar? Because we hear this statement far too often, “I’ve run out of ideas for what to post on social media” – A statement that rings from the mouths of so many all too often.

Today, more than 3.6  Billion people are using social media, up 7% year-to-year. The rate of mobile phone users in the U.S. in 2019 is 61% and climbing.

In 2019, Americans spent an average of one hour and fifty-six minutes per day on social media. Facebook reigned king… used by approximately 82% of adults ages 18-49. YouTube is the second most widely-used social platform in the United States.

According to statistics, nearly 67% of American consumers interact with brands on social media anywhere from 1-3 times per day.

Having a strong social media presence is critical to reaching your target market. Brands should not let key platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram fall by the wayside. 

BUT >> It takes a considerable amount of time to produce 5-7 quality pieces of content a week. It’s difficult to bust the block (a.k.a writer’s block) and communicate your brand’s impact with unique ideas without some kind of strategy in the mix. 

social media calendar

The Need for a Social Media Calendar

Having a social media strategy in place helps you organize your thoughts and details your upcoming posting schedule >> which in turn TAKES AWAY THE STRESS of coming up with the content on the spot! Not only does it reduce stress but it helps you bust through the algorithm and reach your followers.

We’ve all seen the “31 Days of Content Ideas” and “Content Calendars” that are crawling through Pinterest feeds – but to be honest… they’re basic! Ideas that have no purpose or Call to Action associated with them – it’s throwing your time and resources into the wind. Randomly selected topics can HARM your social media accounts because they do not connect with your audience!

Enter the Myers Marketing Management Social Media Content Calendar Package

Our team sat down together and talked about what was missing from these basic calendars: Passion, Grit, Purpose, Creativity, and Ebullience were just a few… We put our minds together to come up with a package deal that would not only encompass Passion, Grit, Purpose, Creativity, and Ebullience – but help train you to think of unique ideas about your company through a proven process! 

What’s in it for me? 

  • A month-long calendar full of brilliant ideas for unique content posts
  • Worksheets to walk you through the process of creating inspiring content
  • Bonus material on how to optimize your content creations
  • Tips on best ways to capture “thumb-stopping” images
  • Access to our library of Marketing Blogs 

Why Should I Have a Content Calendar? 

If what we’ve shared isn’t enough already, let’s walk through a few more reasons why this content calendar is right for your business: 

  1. Provides a means of consistency
    1. Working your way through this proven process will provide your social pages with a consistent posting schedule – consistency is key and don’t forget it! 
  2. Optimizes your social accounts and your time
    1. Having a social calendar not only optimizes your accounts with relevant industry information that your customers want to know about – but it also plays into efficiency. No one has time – especially a busy professional like yourself – to wait around all day for the perfect idea to come to them. 
  3. Stay on track
    1. A Social Media Strategy will keep you on track for your goals – giving each of your posts purpose and pushing your company towards your long-term goals. 
  4. Brand Awareness
    1. Posting consistently on your social media accounts will capture the attention of many potential customers – with your brand catching their eye with consistent and thoughtful content – they are more likely to remember your company when they are in need of your product or service. 


Creating unique content can be so much fun when it’s not stressful. Having a strong social media presence is critical to reaching and engaging with your target market. It’s difficult to communicate your brand’s impact and implore unique ideas without some kind of strategy in the mix.

Victory rests in putting your time and attention into a proven plan to boost your brand through Social Media. While there are plenty of basic plans out there, you need a strategy that will boost your brand image through purposeful unique content ideas. It’s time to enhance so you can advance. 

Download your Social Media Content Package and let us come alongside to help jumpstart your marketing journey. 

  • Go get em’ marketers! 

Download our Social Media Calendar here! 

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