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Social Media Department Updates & News

A few updates in the wonderful world of social media: 

Date: 9/27/22

1.  TikTok has added in new restrictions for political accounts. They will have to be verified so that they do not confuse patrons, and they will not have the use of the donation or ad tools within the app. Read More

2. TikTok’s BeReal “clone” is now available in countries outside of the U.S. Read More

3. Meta is pushing reels – What’s new… – Now they are allowing posting through third-party apps. Jellysmack, Sprout, and WIX will be the first platforms to facilitate third-party reel posting. It comes as controversial to some as they think that Instagram and Facebook should stay to their roots and fix their algorithm before moving on to Reels. read More

4. Youtube has outlined a new monetization program for YouTube shorts. Read more 

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