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A word from our fearless leader,

Date: 9/27/22

Sit back and get ULTRA comfy in the fall leaves because Q4 is no longer on the horizon… it’s here. 

In Oklahoma the outdoors aren’t blazing hot but rather quite enjoyable. During the change of seasons, our team puts out a really fun product that we affectionately named PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) – Basic Social Package. It’s BASIC-ly your business or organization’s yearly posts wrapped into a nice and neat package. Think – copy and creative for National Holidays, Company Dates, Local Holidays, and posts of the like.

Each post is uniquely crafted in your brand voice and provides ease of mind during all of the 2023 seasons. Our sale prices are listed on our website here: PSL-Basic Social Package. 

All the best things to you!