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On-Page Vs. Off-Page Engagement

by Clare Reynolds | January 19, 2022

Focus your Efforts on Important Social Media Factors

Here at Myers Marketing Management we LOVE engaging on social media. Scrolling through perfectly curated feeds that we have built for our clients, commenting, sharing and interacting with their online community. To keep our thoughts on engagement straight, we’ve boiled our engagement strategies down to two parts, On-Page Engagement and Off-Page Engagement. But what’s the difference? Are they important? Are they difficult and time consuming? We’re about to answer all these questions and more, but first – let’s go over what each really means: 

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On-Page Engagement: 

On-Page Engagement refers to the engagement with your followers on social media platforms that happens on your page.

Off-Page Engagement: 

Off-Page Engagement refers to the engagement your social media page has with other social media pages. 

So what’s the difference? 

While On -Page and Off-Page Engagement seem very similar – they are quite different. 

Here are some examples of On-Page Engagement:  

  • posting videos and photos on to your feed, 
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Post engagement
  • Reviews
  • Link Clicks
  • Checkin Responding
  • Page Mention Responding
  • DMs to your page 

Here are some examples of Off-Page Engagement: 

  • liking other pages 
  • engaging with pages by commenting, liking, sharing
  • Actively engaging in the online network surrounding your community,  business, and industry

Why are they important? 

Let’s make common sense out of this – if someone doesn’t know about your product or service – then they CAN’T buy it! The more people know about your services and products – the bigger audience you have to share what you are passionate about. Social media platforms are the perfect avenue for building audiences of all types. Just like our physical communities have different organizations, business types, community groups and clubs – the online community has the same – except this time the organizations or groups could include people from across the nation! Now that’s a potential reach one simply CANNOT miss out on! 

Since we know that Social Media is the perfect platform for reaching the target audience for our products and services – then we need to make sure that we are making the most of our Social Media Marketing efforts. 

Anyone can post a photo with a catchy caption – but if your platforms aren’t taken care of properly – then who’s to say anyone will see it, engage with it, or build trust with your brand!! Enter – On-Page and Off-Page Engagement. 

How do I use them in my business?

First things first – you need a plan! 

  1. Take a moment to sit down and envision your target audience. Who do you want to reach, what type of person needs your product or service – write those down! Now with your target market in hand, we need to further the plan to include how we plan on reaching them! 
  2. Start with Off-Page engagement. 
  • Find 3 or 4 pages that are in your community. Maybe a community service organization you support, a business that is next door to yours, frequent customers, or people in your direct network. Give them a follow, like three of their posts and comment on one as well! This will establish that you desire to be engaged with them in the online community. Continue to do this 2-3 times a week – making sure you stay in touch with the previous pages you have liked – staying up to date with their new posts, announcements and updates! 
  1. Next, let’s jump into On-Page Engagement. 
  • A consistent posting schedule is a MUST!
  • Choose three topics your company is passionate about – for example it could be Boutique products, Recipes, and the office dog! Make these your staple starting points and create content around these topics – this will become your brand and what people recognize, build trust on, know and love about you – so choose wisely! From these topics create a posting schedule – start with 3 posts a week and work up from there ! We recommend creating content 2 months in advance! You can make some generic and some personal – and then when special events come up – add in those posts too! 
  1. Since we have interacted with the online community with Off-Page Engagement and invited people to look into our brand and culture with a consistent posting schedule – part of On-page Engagement – now we can expect followers to begin engaging with our content – liking, sharing, commenting, and messaging! The second part of On-Page Engagement is interacting with those who are active on your page – just like an in-person relationship – users like to talk with companies and feel important as buyers! 

Wrap it up! 

Woah… that’s a LOT to do just for a business social media page huh….

Take a deep breath – it will all be okay! The important thing is to be involved with your online community – just like it is to be involved in your physical community! Take your time to get comfortable with your social platforms – take a few free classes from Meta Blueprint and schedule time in your calendar to spend time working on your brand’s social presence. – Trust us – when you implement On-Page and Off-Page Engagement like we have laid out for you – you will see major changes in your ROI from your social media pages! 

If you’re still having a bit of a panic attack – because there’s no way you can fit that into your schedule, you’re not interested, or you can’t find someone to help – we would love to partner with you! Our social media partnership is a great way to get exactly what you desire from your online presence. Message us today and let’s get to know each other! 

Go get um’ marketers!

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