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October Content Calendar

Change up your Social Media Content!

So many things are changing. 

The weather. 

The season.

The quarter.


What used to work vs. what works now. 

While we all handle the change in different ways, one thing we can be sure that you’ll need is CONSISTENCY. 

As we head towards the holiday season, Black Friday sales, New Years Sales and more – you have to have a consistent brand that shows up – not only when times are good… but also when times are hard, stressful, schedules are full, new product development and 2023 planning is happening. We know you have a full calendar running a business – but being consistent on Social Media is a MUST. 

We aren’t saying every business in Tulsa, OKC or Fayetteville has to post 3 times a day for the foreseeable future. But we are saying that in order to reach your desired customer, you have to put yourself out there so they can see you! We recommend posting 4-5 times per week – but if that’s too intimidating for you – start with 2-3 and work your way up!

Our team has been putting together an amazing Monthly Social Media Content Calendar for the last 10 months now, and let me tell you… our team has had a blast getting to be creative, brainstorming unique ideas that can fit for any industry. Ideas that help promote your brand, products, services, and integrate your business into the surrounding community. 

As we head into Q4, be consistent, step out of your comfort zone and use this Social Media Content Calendar to boost your reach, page engagement and have fun while doing it! 

Click below to get started. 

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