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Certified Woman-Owned Business: Myers Marketing Management

by Clare Reynolds | Mar 29, 2022

Did you know that Myers Marketing Management is recognized as a Certified Women-owned Business in Oklahoma?! Well, NOW YOU DO! We couldn’t be more excited to have joined the official list! That’s right, Danielle Myers, our fearless leader set out 10+ years ago to help medium and small local businesses advance in their marketing strategies and win big. About 4 months ago, she undertook the 20-page application to be recognized as a Women-owned Business in Oklahoma – follow along below as we walk through the process and share our experience.

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The Program: 

Here in Oklahoma – we have the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. They specialize in bringing opportunities like employment, investment and economic prosperity to Oklahomans. As stated on their website: “Through dynamic partnerships and innovative collaborations with companies, universities, not-for-profit organizations, and government leaders, we are building a business environment that supports business growth and shared community prosperity.” 


There are several benefits to applying and receiving the Women-owned Business Certification such as expanded contracting opportunities, added advantage when competing for contracts with public and private entities, and entities who choose to do business with us are confident that their reporting of dollars spent with women-owned businesses will be verifiable and credible. This certification provides proof of ownership which is now being requested by both the private sector and public sector entities! 


Any woman-owned small business is eligible to apply for certification. The business must be at least 51% owned and controlled on a day-to-day basis by one or more women. 


As a business in Oklahoma, that is owned by a woman, we thought – “Hey, that applies to us!” and into the application process, we went! 


The Application Process:

To apply for the certification – we simply went to and navigated to the Women-owned Business Certifications section. Once you open the application you can see all of the guidelines – a rather long list – but necessary! 


We would recommend setting at least 1 to 2 hours aside to complete this application. 


After completion, you will have to snail mail your application to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce where they will review your application. Then within the next couple of weeks, if your application meets the criteria, they will approve and add you to their online Women-owned Businesses list! 


What’s the Point…?


Women are changing the face of America’s economy. Our businesses are increasing in range, number, diversity and earning power.(Can we get a BOOYAH?!) As a result, the Women-owned Business Certification program was established in order to facilitate contracting capabilities for women-owned businesses with public and private sector entities. 


Not only is it important to stand up for women across Oklahoma and support their entrepreneurial efforts, but it gives you a sort of bragging right, which we aren’t afraid to whip out during a conversation, right ladies?! In a world divided in every which way, we have taken this opportunity given by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to stand up and unite with other Women-owned Businesses to say we are here to stay, and here to bring forth the best marketing, strategy, partnerships, work-culture, honesty and more. You can trust that we are celebrating this HUGE WIN – celebrating wins is part of our culture you know ;).


If you are interested, we encourage you to take a moment to look over the rules of the application and apply yourself! We would be honored to have you and your business take place on this impressive list next to us. 


Check out the application to become a certified women-owned business here.

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