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Kickstarting Your Journey: What Digital Marketing Means for Tulsa

digital marketers in tulsa oklahoma

TL;DR: Digital Marketers in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Digital marketing is all about using the internet to advertise your business, and it’s big in Tulsa.
  • Tulsa businesses are getting creative online, using social media and other tools to keep customers interested.
  • Real-life examples in Tulsa, like Joe’s Coffee Shop and Sarah’s Boutique, show that digital marketing really works.
  • New trends like chatbots and virtual reality are on the horizon, and Tulsa businesses have a chance to lead the way.
  • If you’re a Tulsa business, now’s the time to dive into digital marketing and keep an eye on what’s coming next.

What is Digital Marketing?

Hey Tulsa! Digital marketing is just a fancy way of saying “advertising on the internet.” It’s how businesses tell people about what they sell using things like social media, websites, and emails.

Why Tulsa Should Care About Digital Marketing

Tulsa is a city that’s looking ahead. Businesses here are using the internet to get the word out and grow. You should too!

The Current Buzz in Tulsa’s Digital Marketing

Popular Ways to Advertise Online

In Tulsa, businesses are doing all sorts of cool stuff online. They’re using SEO to show up in Google searches, and they’re putting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Real Stories of Tulsa Businesses Winning Online

Joe’s Coffee Shop used Facebook to tell people about a new drink and sold a lot more because of it! Sarah’s Boutique showed off new clothes on Instagram and got twice as many online orders.

Why This Matters for Businesses

Doing this stuff online really helps businesses. It makes it easier to talk to customers and sell more things.

How Tulsa Businesses Keep People Interested Online

Fun Ways Businesses Are Talking to Customers

Businesses in Tulsa are getting really creative. They’re asking questions on social media, sharing fun quizzes, and even hosting online events.

Why Keeping People Interested is Important

When people are interested, they’re more likely to buy stuff. It’s as simple as that.

Tulsa Businesses Doing it Right

Joe’s Coffee Shop asked people on Twitter to vote for a new coffee flavor. It was super popular and made more people come to the shop!


It’s fourth quarter and right now you’re trying to figure out how am I going to advertise in market in 2024, um, or whatever year you’re, you’ve caught my video in. And here’s the thing. There are a lot of bickering. There’s a lot of bickering in our industry of marketing and advertising, traditional versus digital.

And to be fair. There are benefits to both. There’s also downsides to both, okay? Not a lot of downside to digital. The biggest downside is knowing how to read the data and knowing how to leverage it, making sure you have a partner that’s really going to take the reins for you in that world. Um, and then creating a budget that’s going to be able to cater to both.

Okay. If you want to do both. So let’s take a step back. Where are your customers? First, let’s identify who your customers are. You can do this through tools that we provide on our website, or you can just follow along with this video and I’ll walk you through exactly how to figure out what mediums you need to be advertising on if you’re in the Tulsa market or really any other market.

So yeah, yeah, Figure out who you’re talking to, not who you want your customers to be, but really actually who your business’s customers are and people like them. What are they interested in? Where are they on a Friday night? What are, what are their values? What drives them to make decisions? Um, and are they doing business, uh, business with other people in your industry?

So figure some of those things about out about your customer and then from there, identify where they’re consuming data. This part is our media. This part’s kind of easy. Once you identify who it is, we can identify where they are. Okay. If they’re a demographic that’s going to be on a radio because they’re always in the car or they’re working at a factory and um, have radio blaring, whatever it might be.

Um, then. Radio might be a great source for you. Okay. But you have to identify who your customer is and what you’re trying to accomplish in each medium. So Past that, finding a good mixture of your budget. Just because you have a 20, 000 a month advertising budget, don’t panic if your budget’s 200 as well.

That’s good. Everybody’s in their own spot. Um, but no matter, I’m using the 20, 000 a month example. Just because you have that doesn’t mean you need to spend it. split it up into every single medium. It might make more sense for you to be leveraging digital media and supporting it with traditional media and in whatever capacity that looks like for your buyer that you’re trying to talk to and your community that you’re trying to reach.

So there has been, like I said, there’s been some bickering about, um, which direction to go. And a lot of that has to do with, um, what they’re trying to sell you, right? For you as a business owner or marketing director or CEO, the biggest. piece that you need to look at is who are my customers and what are they interested in that will help you understand what you’re buying.

Um, and help you understand how to read data. If you’re ready to talk about your 2024 advertising budget, how to allocate it and maybe even have us put a plan together for you or walk you through the process of making your buy. I’m happy to sit down with you. Fourth quarter is the time of year of Planning.

It is the season if you will. I hope that I hear from you soon to reach us. You can fill out a form on our website. You can DM us on any social media platform or schedule a discovery meeting directly on one of our platforms. I personally hope I get to meet you and hear your goals and help you walk through this complex world of what medium should I advertise on today?ChatGPT

It’s the fourth quarter, and right now, you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to advertise and market in 2024, or whatever year you’ve caught my video in. Here’s the thing: there’s a lot of debate in our industry about marketing and advertising, specifically traditional versus digital. To be fair, there are benefits to both, as well as downsides.

Let’s take a closer look. Traditional marketing methods have their advantages, but they also have limitations. The biggest downside to digital marketing is knowing how to interpret the data and leverage it effectively. It’s crucial to have a partner who can navigate the digital landscape and create a budget that caters to both traditional and digital channels if that’s what you decide to do.

Now, let’s take a step back and figure out who your customers are. Not who you want them to be, but who they really are and what drives their decisions. What are their interests? Where do they spend their time on a Friday night? What are their values? Are they already doing business with others in your industry? Identifying these factors is key to determining where and how you should advertise.

Once you know your audience, you can pinpoint where they consume information. This part is relatively straightforward. If your target demographic listens to the radio because they’re often in the car or at a job where radios are common, then radio advertising might be a great fit for you.

However, it’s essential to tailor your advertising approach to your specific audience. You need to identify the right mix for your budget. Just because you have a substantial monthly advertising budget doesn’t mean you should spend it all on every medium available. It might make more sense to allocate your budget strategically, with a focus on digital media and complementary traditional media, depending on your target audience and community.

Now, back to the debate between traditional and digital marketing. Much of this debate can be attributed to what each side is trying to sell you. As a business owner or marketing decision-maker, the critical factor is understanding your customers and their interests. This knowledge will guide your advertising decisions and help you interpret the data.

If you’re ready to discuss your 2024 advertising budget, how to allocate it, or even have us create a plan for you, I’m here to help. The fourth quarter is the season for planning, and I hope to hear from you soon. You can reach us by filling out a form on our website, sending us a direct message on any social media platform, or scheduling a discovery meeting through one of our platforms.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your goals, helping you navigate the complex world of advertising mediums.

Future Ways to Keep People Hooked Online

What’s Coming Next in Online Advertising?

New things are always happening. Soon, businesses might use robots to chat with customers or even let people try on clothes virtually!

How Tulsa Can Use These New Ideas?

Imagine a Tulsa restaurant letting you see a virtual dish on your table before you order. Cool, right?

What Could This Mean for Businesses and Customers?

If Tulsa businesses use these new ideas, they could make customers even happier. And happy customers are good for business.

Wrapping It Up: Why Tulsa is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

  • What’s Coming Up in Online Advertising

New ways to advertise online could make Tulsa a big deal in the business world.

  • What This Means for Tulsa Businesses

Businesses and people who know about online advertising need to keep learning. Things change fast!

  • How Tulsa Can Lead the Way

Tulsa has a chance to be a leader in online advertising. We could be the ones starting new trends!

Your Next Steps: Making the Most of Digital Marketing in Tulsa

Time to Jump In!

If you have a business in Tulsa, get into online advertising now. It’s worth it!

Keep Learning About What’s New

And don’t forget to keep learning about new ways to advertise online. The future for Tulsa businesses looks really bright.

So, what are you waiting for, Tulsa? Let’s get online and grow our businesses!