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Is your work place a happy place?

by Clare Reynolds | May 11, 2022

Over the last two years, we know that everyone has been asking themselves this question. How do we know? Well, the past 2 years have been called the Great Resignation due to a record-setting number of 4.5 million Americans quitting their job!

Hiring Marketing Strategy

What happens when people quit their jobs? Companies need to hire > and hire BADLY! When covid-19 hit the U.S. things went topsy-turvey for a while, everyone remembers we don’t need to revisit that… But when businesses opened their doors again, they needed staff that they didn’t have. Hiring has been a nightmare for a lot of companies, but we want to share with you our tips for successfully pivoting your hiring marketing strategy to get the right people in your positions to do the job best.

1. List out your job description in a way people can understand. While big fancy terms may sound nice on paper – they can come off as confusing and overbearing to the applicant. Make sure your description is accurate of course, but add a little flare and fun too it as well > this is where someone is going to be spending 40-60 hours of their life a week, it should be enjoyable shouldn’t it?

2. Business in the front, party in the back. Next up, talk about the benefits of your job positions! Yes, include the usual, insurance, 401K plan and so on, but what about work culture? Bonus structure? Office coffee bar and lunch options? Think about what you can add to the work life experience and talk it up!

3. Optimization. Now that you have crafted the perfect description of the job and your company, it’s time to share it across all platforms. Website, Social Media, Job Sites, Intern Sites, Email to local colleges, reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn > optimize the content you have created for maximum reach.

As the saying goes, walk a mile is someone else’s shoes. Why would someone be looking for a new position? Look for a change? Bad work environment? Poor communication? Not a culture fit? Whatever the reasoning may be your goal should be to find the RIGHT people that FIT within your company so that you BOTH have your needs met. Your campaigning should provide them with a vision of working for your company. You are providing the opportunity for those that fit to be truly happy in their work life.

We hope that these tips help you on your journey to hiring new employees for your many open positions. Keep your head up, and remember > we are always here to help you build marketing strategies that work.

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