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Digital marketing strategy and how to stay relevant in 2022

by Clare Reynolds | Jan 27, 2022

Through the fourth quarter of 2021 you probably took time to craft your digital marketing plan for 2022, most businesses do. With measurable goals and a determined budget set now it’s time to make sure that your digital marketing plan stays relevant through the whole year. While we aren’t psychics and can’t predict what the future will hold, we can give you three tips on how to stay relevant in an ever-changing digital world.

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Consumer Motives

While staying on top of trends might seem impossible, it’s important to your digital strategy as brands are continually trying to stay relevant. In an ever-changing digital world, it can seem impossible to get your message to the right audience. But when you boil it down, you have to consider the consumer’s motives.

Questions like:

  • Why would someone stop scrolling to see my image?
  • What makes someone want to purchase my product or service?
  • Do these images reflect my brand?

When you start asking yourself questions like these you can be sure that as your digital marketing strategy plays out throughout 2022, you can stay relevant in the digital community. 

Establish your most important KPI’s

KPI’s, key performance indicators, are targets that help you measure progress against your most strategic objectives. A few you might recognize are return on investment, profit margin, customer satisfaction, client retention rate, and more. Not only do KPI’s help your business plan stay on track, but they also help your digital marketing strategy stay on track! When your team is struggling to come up with new digital projects, refer back to your KPI’s and work backward. If you’re looking for high customer satisfaction try using polls on social media to learn more about your customers and their wants/needs. When you establish your most important KPI’s you can then ensure that your Digital marketing strategy will stay on point through the year. 

Do Your Research! 

Before you send out an advertisement on Facebook or pay Google to showcase your most recent product – DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find out where your customers spend their time, what time of the day they are engaged on Social Media Platforms, do they work remotely or in an office – How will you reach your clients and tell them about your product or service? Spend time using Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, and Insights from your social media pages to find out about your customers! In the digital world, people desire to be known, just like the physical world! 

Knowing your Consumer’s Motives, Establishing your Most Important KPIs, and Doing Your Research will help you stay relevant in your 2022 Digital Marketing Plan. Think outside the box and market with excellence! 

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