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The Power of Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools Used by the Best Marketing Company in Tulsa

Best Marketing Company in Tulsa

This blog will detail the cutting edge tools that should be used by the best marketing company. It will discuss details regarding the benefits that these tools bring to clients when used properly.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, effective marketing can make a huge difference. It can be the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. Thankfully, the world of marketing has been revolutionized. It has been changed by a number of new tools. These tools can raise your business strategies to new heights. From web design to SEO, graphic design, and social media management, these tools are the secret weapons of the best marketing company in Tulsa. Let us dive into the details of how these tools work their magic. We can also cover how they bring substantial benefits to clients like you.

Cost Effective Access: Elevating Your Reach without Breaking the Bank

Imagine having access to top-notch marketing tools that can transform your business. Sounds great, right? Now, imagine them without the hefty price tag. This is exactly what modern marketing tools offer. They make it possible for clients to indirectly or directly access them at a fraction of the cost. Take Elementor, for instance. This web design tool empowers marketers to create stunning websites. Better yet, it can be done without a whole lot of coding knowledge. This does not only save time. It also gets rid of the need to hire pricey web developers.

You might need many different tools for your marketing needs. Let’s say you need Adobe Illustrator for graphics. You also need Elementor for a website. We can’t forget about your social media needs. For this, you need a management tool like Eclincher. Oh, you want your website to rank well in searches too? A tool like Semrush will come in handy. As you can see, this is a boatload of tools. Purchasing all of these can lead to a hefty price tag. The best marketing company in Tulsa would have many of these tools already. Even better, they would be skilled at using them already.

Hi, I am on a journey to become the best marketing company in Tulsa, and I feel that the best way to become the best is to give. I believe that we get tenfold back what we give, so I am here to kind of walk you through, and we’ve provided a blog post as well, a great resource for you to know what tools you should be using, whether you hire a marketing firm or you’re shopping for a marketing firm.

Or you’re looking to do this yourself, whichever route you go, these are some tools for each of our departments, and, um, either we’re using them or have used them, but these are some tools that you need to make sure are in the mix, and you’re getting reporting from, and you’re getting the benefits of. So drum roll, let’s start with our web department.

So I think our web team probably has more software that they use than any other department. Of course, we scale their software as much as we possibly can because it is quite a bit. There’s a lot that rides on your website. If you don’t have a solid website developed that’s driving business for you.

Um, it’s probably because you’re not using these tools and you’re not understanding how they work and trusting them and kind of leveraging them. So, uh, or maybe you just haven’t invested in it just yet. So let’s talk about our web team having a tool to monitor and report on ways to improve or the health.

Base of your website is key. So some tools that you can look at that have a decently low entry level is SEMrush. So that’s S E M R U S H, SEMrush. Uh, SEMrush is going to walk you through a lot of different things. It’ll also report on your competitors. It will help you know what’s going on competitively in social media as well and run some basic social media.

Reporting. I would not. I’ll get social media here in a minute. I would not fully rely on that just yet, but SEMrush is a key tool and definitely the place to start. Next up is going to be Ahrefs. A H R E F. Ahrefs. Um, and this is similar. Similar to SEMrush, however, it’s going to give you a different layer of improvement opportunities on your website to optimize your site and to keep it as healthy as possible.

Google likes healthy websites, so do your consumers, so you want to keep your website as healthy as possible. Um, and next up in the web team, I’m going to try to keep this one short, is just having a solid content management system. For the most part, we’re designing in WordPress here at Myers Marketing Management, but we also design in Shopify, um, and a few other site management tools that are maybe more niche towards industries.

So the key is, is to find one that works for you and to understand the downside of cheap. Web development tools. There is a downside. So my top recommendation on a content management system is Going to be WordPress always and forever Unless something catastrophic happens go with WordPress you will, in Elementor as well, you will not be disappointed if you lean into WordPress and Elementor you’re going to be on a good track Next step is social media.

Uh, our social media department uses a few, has used a few different scheduling tools. And so we’ve used Sprout Social, eClincher, Loomly, Hootsuite. Um, those are the main ones that we’ve used over the years or even scheduling directly on the platform. We’ve done that. And still do that for a couple of accounts that we’ve just seen a good benefit of doing that for them.

Um, the key, as I’ve said it, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, data is key. So just understanding your data and knowing what’s going to work best, but when you’re looking for a scheduling tool, because if you’re tiny and mighty, right, if you’re a small business and you’re doing some of these things yourself, you need to have something reliable.

And you need to have something that’s going to be, um, intuitive and know what to suggest to you. Know, meaning if you need to change the time that it’s scheduled, um, it’s going to make recommendations to you as well as, um, just like I said, have good integrations and be intuitive. So I would say, depending on the size of your business, for a tool, it’s really going to depend on what you want.

There’s also Buffer out there, we, we don’t use Buffer here, um, but I, I have heard of some good success of small businesses utilizing that tool. What you need to understand is once you start investing into a scheduling tool, This is kind of a long term relationship, your scheduling tool. Once you start building content and pushing it out, all your data and all of, um, all your content is kind of living there.

It’s on the platform as well, but your history is on that. So you want to take some time and do your due diligence and finding a tool that’s going to work for you. I highly recommend. Going online onto forums and seeing what other business owners or other agencies are saying about this platform, not just the reviews that are on the platform’s website that they’re giving you, but kind of do a deep dive, figure out what the negative is of each platform.

There’s a negative to all platforms. Find the one that doesn’t affect your business the most. Okay, so that’s social media. Of course, with social media and web, uh, it’s key, unless you have designers in each department, which, um, we’ve had times where we do, and we’ve had times where we don’t in each department.

We utilize Canva to develop basic graphics. So for your YouTube thumbnails, Canva comes in a lot of handy and comes in a great value to you, um, as well as for social media, just putting basic clips together, um, of. Photos, graphics, and turning them into carousels. So we use Canva a lot in social media for carousels, because it is a nice, seamless way to design that.

You can do them in Adobe. We found that it’s easier in Canva to keep it seamless and to optimize our time. In addition on social media, CapCut is a Great tool to use for your video editing. If you are not, if you didn’t go to design school and you don’t know premiere, um, or Adobe softwares very well, CapCut really comes in for the win, um, on your real creation and things like that, of course, on platform is always an option, um, through Instagram and TikTok to create those as well, but those are, those are our recommendations on social media.

Um, there are a lot of reporting tools out there, and without feeling like I’m leading you astray, my advice to you on reporting tools for social media is just to stick with the organic, um, Data. We’ve been down this road so many times and for social media specifically, as well as web, every month for our partners, we pull direct from platform.

We do have other reporting tools for web, but we always report direct. Uh, we pull direct data, um, and for social media specifically, I highly recommend that you do that. You’re going to get better data, more accurate data, um, and you can read it a little bit better on their platform. for our creative team.

Um, this is not going to come to us as a surprise at all. Our main tool that we use is Adobe. Okay. If you are not able to run Adobe software, if that is just like you look at it and your mind goes blank, it’s just not, you’re not a designer. I do recommend that you lean into Canva until you can hire someone, or maybe you want to find a designer.

We do that for some businesses where they just hire us to do more complex branding and more complex design, um, and give them the elements so they can scale in on Canva, um, whichever route you go. One, always get Adobe if you’re actually leaning into good design and you have a designer on your team.

There’s really no competitive there. But if you don’t, Canva is a good option in developing a partnership with a creative agency that can kind of help walk you through that is design elements and brand standards so that your social media really pops, even if you can’t afford to have somebody do it for you right now.

Those are our key tips whenever it comes to the last one, I guess would be account relations, right? A CRM, customer relations management tool. There’s so many, and it’s hard for me to give you advice on what in this, depending on. Without knowing what industry you’re in, because if you’re a contractor, I’d say, oh, go to ServiceTitan.

Right. But for us, we use Go high level, and a lot of our clients do use Go, go high level. There’s a lot of different CRMs out there, and depending on your industry and how large your company is a. Um, that’s going to be my recommendation is just do some research in that way and get an understanding of what your needs are.

Um, past that you’re, if you follow those and you get those softwares going, even if you’re on the base level, you’re going to have a great scale to be able to follow and get solid data, be able to leverage it and know what’s going on in all aspects of your marketing piece of your business. So if you want to visit about this a little bit more or you have a question about some of the software that I mentioned, one, there’s more information and absolutely in the resource that we’re providing.

However, if you want to sit down and visit about, um, social services or whatever it might be, Feel free to reach out to us. You can DM us directly on our website or on our social media platforms or Schedule a discovery meeting directly online as well. If I get to visit with you, I personally am looking forward to hearing more about your story and learning about your goals I hope you’re having an amazing day, and I will talk to you soon.

Efficient Use by Experts: Maximizing Returns with Professional Guidance

While these tools are powerful on their own, they truly shine when used by marketing experts. Working with a skilled marketing company ensures that you get the best return on investment from these tools. Think about Semrush, an SEO tool that helps businesses optimize their online presence. When a marketing professional delves into the intricacies of this tool, they uncover hidden opportunities for improving your website’s visibility on search engines. It’s like having a secret recipe that only the experts know how to cook to perfection.

When seeking the best marketing company in Tulsa, keep skill in mind. If you were to purchase every tool you needed, could you use them all? Could you get the most out of each tool? An agency could remove the burden from your shoulders. A marketing agency often has specialist in designated roles. Social media specialists handle social media. Graphic designers create graphics. Web designers build websites. The list goes on and on. Leaving the specialists to their work allows you to handle yours. This may be running the business or managing a certain part of it.

Reports: Staying Informed without Getting Overwhelmed

Staying informed about your marketing efforts is crucial. On the other hand, drowning in an ocean of data is far from productive. That is where the beauty of reporting tools comes in. These tools, such as Semrush and, offer a clear and concise way to present complex data. Visualizing your marketing strategies can help you understand what’s working and what needs adjustment. It’s like having a roadmap that guides you towards success, without getting lost in the details.

Another great reporting tool is Google Analytics. It is the most popular web analytics tool. It would be quite difficult to be the best marketing company in Tulsa without knowledge of this tool. You make custom reports and share them with this tool. Using this tool allows marketers to spot weak points. These points give us chances to better your business. How can you strengthen weak areas if you can’t spot them?

Management: Streamlining Your Marketing Endeavors

Running a business is a huge endeavor. Managing your marketing efforts can sometimes feel like herding cats. Enter tools like Eclincher. It is designed to simplify social media management. These tools allow you to schedule posts and connect with your audience. You can track your social media performance too. All this can be done from a single dashboard. This easy level of management frees up your time and mental energy. That way you can focus on other parts of your business.

Who wants to juggle a bunch of social media platforms by jumping from one to the other? A specialist will use a tool that lets them handle many platforms at once. I’m sure there is enough on your plate. Keeping up with the latest trends takes a lot. Sit back and allow the best marketing company in Tulsa to do this.

Use of Latest Technology: Staying Ahead of the Curve

One of the great advantages of partnering with a top-tier marketing company is access. You get to gain access to the latest technology without the need for constant updates. Marketing companies keep a finger on the pulse of new trends. This makes sure that their clients always stay ahead of the competition. By using cutting-edge tools, you gain a better edge with less hassle. You don’t have to constantly upgrade your toolkit.

In conclusion, the world of marketing is evolving. So, the tools at your disposal can greatly impact your business success. These cutting-edge tools offer cost-effective access. Plus, they deliver the best results when used by experts. They can give you informative reports without overwhelming you. Simplifying your marketing management is another benefit. They can keep you at the forefront of technology too. Think about the potential of putting these tools together—like Elementor. It is a tool for creating an amazingly beautiful website. Semrush can be used for boosting your online visibility. Adobe Illustrator helps one make stunning designs. Eclincher makes handling social media easy.

So, Are you seeking to raise your business to new heights? Partner with the best marketing company in Tulsa. One that uses these tools with great skill. This could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. Remember, it’s not just about having the tools. It is about knowing how to use them well. Your business deserves nothing less than the best. These new marketing tools are here to deliver exactly that.

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