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Are you advertising on social media?

Not yet? You most-likely are missing out on traffic and conversions your brand deserves.

Strategy is the first step to successfully advertising on social media sites. We work with our partners to best develop a strategic social media ad campaign that focused on the brand and its targeted audience. Social media advertising has opened knew doors to the CPM of campaigns and frees up many restrictions in the creative messaging used to reach your audience.

why advertise

on social?

Advertising on social media is critical for all organizations that require the attention of customers or donors. Here’s why:

Social Media Is Great for Targeted Traffic. Social media advertising can drive targeted messaging to a defined audience and then send traffic to specific pages within your site.

Social Media Boosts Your SEO.  Social media is an important factor in being found online. 

Social Media Allows You to Connect with Customers. People interact very personally on social media, and a great social ad can help take their aware of your brand and offerings to the next step in the buyers journey. 

Target and Retarget Your Messages.  Endless customization and flexibility is available in most social ads. This allows us to target users according to things like their education, industry, and purchase history and so, so much more.

Social Media Ads Can Help You Generate Media Coverage. If you’ve got an event coming up, a great social ad can help you generate media coverage or get noticed at an event. This can be a critical boost for small, local companies.

Strong Social Ads Build Brand Loyalty. Brand awareness and brand loyalty is the dream. Our team will help you to develop strategic and affordable ads designed to develop brand loyalty. 

Your Competition Is on Social. If you’re not advertising on social media, you could be losing leads or conversions to your competition. Social media advertising is no secret and, unless you fit within an ad set, you may never see your competitor’s messaging. 

Myers Marketing: Creative Social Media Advertising

Start your next social media advertising campaign with an experienced partner. We will help you develop a social media advertising plan and management all the moving parts. Our team can give you the guidance and assistance you need to succeed with your Social Media Advertising. 

Start with a consultative meeting, contact us to schedule a good time and learn more about these offerings.


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