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Social media in our culture today is the primary way we connect daily with loved ones. It impacts the way we communicate, shop, search for jobs, date, and, yes, even market.

Today, more than 3.2 Billion people are using social media, up 7% year-to-year. The rate of mobile phone users in 2018 is 5.1 billion, up 4% year-to-year, with nearly 3 billion mobile users also being active social users.

A whopping 88% of adults between the ages of 18-29 reported using at least one social media platform. Facebook reigned king… used by approximately 80% of adults ages 18-49. YouTube is the second most widely-used social platform in the United States.

According to statistica, nearly 59% of American consumers interact with brands on social media anywhere from 1-3 times per day.

Having a strong social media presence is critical to reaching your target market. Brands should not let key platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fall by the wayside.

But, Social Media is Tough!

We’ve heard the stories from our partners that had tried to manage their brand’s social presence. Many found that staying on top of the process was difficult while running daily operations. 

Social media is just too important to ignore! Our social media solutions have been developed for over 10 years and have grown with the social sites. We believe that social media is our chance to develop real relationships that result in conversions for our partners. 

Myers Marketing

social media solutions

Our goal is to make social media successful for your organization. Social media marketing and communications should be strategically developed. Our creative marketing firm offers solutions to effectively develop your social media presence:

Social Media Management. Strategic development and management of posts, updates, and content across social sites.  Development of video, photographs, customized informative graphics.. Read More…

Social Media Marketing. Our team is experienced and can walk you through this process. Have social media marketing experts evaluate your site’s current social strategy. We will help you find ways to improve your marketing practices through paid advertisements, content, social connections.. Read More…

Social Media Paid Advertising. Did you know that ad recall from sponsored Instagram posts is greater than other online advertisements? If you’re not running social media paid advertisements, you should be! Not only can these ads help you attract a larger audience, but they can also promote brand recall and help you convert leads to sales… Read More…

your partner in creative social media

Today, it’s not enough to simply have a social media account. Instead, developing an innovative approach to social media that reflects your brand is essential.  This applies to everything from your advertisements to your social media content.

When you develop social media as a platform to connect with and nurture your customers, you’ll find that it offers an incredible opportunity to build closer relationships.

Attracting new consumers to your brand and turn them into advocates for your products and services! Social media sites can be an incredibly powerful platforms for meaningful interaction and distribution.

To learn more about how Myers Marketing can help you overhaul your social media interaction, contact us today. We’re happy to answer questions about our social media marketing solutions and how they can help you.


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