by Clare Reynolds | Feb 16, 2022

For this special day – Dani’s Birthday – we’ve gathered 21 questions so you can get to know her a little bit better! Explore Dani’s why’s for marketing at Myers Marketing, learn a little about the business, and her personal inspirations too! 


  • Firstly, how did you start your day? 
    • Coffee
  • Secondly, if you could spend your day with someone who would it be? 
    • Tough question… My husband and kids
  • Thirdly, what would you do with them? 
    • Something outside
  • How would you describe your role at Myers Marketing Management?
    • Translator
  • How does being a mother influence your business?
    • In every way, more empathetic than anything
  • When did you know it was time to start your own business – Myers Marketing? 
    • I think it’s a journey for everyone, it’s a privilege to own a  business.
  • What’s a marketing trend  you think will come back? 
    • Flashmobs
  • What’s a marketing trend you think shouldn’t come back? 
    • Bad Flash Mobs
  • True or False, you used to live in Montana
    • True
  • What’s your “go to” snack? 
    • Sadly… Candy
  • What’s your go to hair style?
    • This one
  • When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make it better? 
    • Go Outside
  • What do you love about marketing? 
    • Everything
  •  Then, which form of marketing do you like working with the best? (social, digital, print)
    • Trick question, they are all very similar
  •  If you weren’t in marketing, what career would you choose? 
    • Architecture
  •  Is it hard to work with your spouse as a business partner? 
    • Nope
  • Next, what’s your coffee order from Starbucks? 
    • It depends on the day, London Fog is my go to when I can’t decide. 
  •  What is your “go to” song for singing in the car? 
    • Also it depends on the day, I like the song Listening, by Chris…. something
  •  How do you end your day? 
    • Snuggles with my two year old
  •  What’s the best part of owning your own business?
    • The People
  •  Finally, what’s one piece of advice you can give for a business owner struggling with marketing? 
    • Stay genuine to who you are and partner with people who know what they are doing!

Happy Birthday Dani from all of us at Myers Marketing Management!  

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