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No matter your experience level in utilizing print mail as a form of advertisement for your organization our team can help you develop and deliver your message to targeted mailing lists.  Spread the word about upcoming events or promotions, and develop loyalty with your customers.

Our team at Myers Marketing is experienced and approachable. We are creative professionals, dedicated to providing you with marketing solutions, including direct mail services. So, whether you’re an old hat at direct mail, or you’re just getting started we can help you strategize your next direct mail campaign. 


what is

direct mail marketing?

While the name sounds simple enough, direct mail marketing is a blanket term. To put it simply, direct mail marketing is a marketing effort that distributes promotional printed material through a mail service. The details of the printed material can widely vary.

In some cases, we help companies use direct mail to distribute brochures, catalogs, or postcards. In others, it becomes a vehicle for newsletters or sales letters. While it’s not uncommon for companies to overlook direct mail in their marketing mix, it stands as an effective and profitable ways to reach and forge relationships with clients.

Today, brands of all shapes and sizes use direct mail services to connect with customers and to enhance other marketing efforts, such as social media, email marketing, and even other online marketing.

the benefits of direct mail services

At Myers Marketing, our advertising team can help you find the right direct mail strategy that works. Here are a few of the biggest perks of direct mail:

Increased Leads. Direct mail services can be a great solution for collecting successful leads and developing brand awareness. We understand that quality leads are necessary to generating new revenue. We’ll work with you to develop a direct mail strategy that offers a high ROI and allows you to target a variety of audiences quickly.

More Targeted Reach. When it comes to marketing, the “spray and pray” approach has seldom done anyone much good. Fortunately, direct mail advertising is a very targeted practice. This has the potential to reduce your cost and increase your conversions all at once.

Flexible Approaches. With direct mail, you’re not bound to any one approach. You can mail small, colorful postcards or as elaborate as including free samples in your direct mail material. Direct mail campaigns allow you to include as much or as little information as you choose. 

Highly Measurable Results. Direct mail is highly measurable. Even for a small business our team can measure the results of a direct mail campaign, without complicated tools.

Increased Brand Recognition. Since direct mail can be personalized and individualized, it allows companies to forge a stronger bond with customers, thereby increasing brand awareness and ensuring customers remember the name of your business the next time they need something.

Cost-Effective. Finally, direct mail services are cost effective. As your company finds its stride and determines what works and what doesn’t, you can expand your efforts and dive into more advanced and sophisticated direct mail strategies.


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MYERS MARKETING: your source for creative brand strategy assistance

We’re committed to building long-lasting relationships with our partners. We understand that today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before, and earning their business requires a more creative and genuine approach. We’re dedicated to using our industry experience and unique outlook to develop marketing strategies that work. 

 Even if you’ve never ventured into direct mail services before, our creative team can provide the guidance and experience you need to develop a smart direct mail strategy that can help your brand grow and differentiate itself in the market.

Our creative team takes its commitment to our partners seriously. We carefully cultivate each campaign around developed brand standards and targeted audiences. Contact us to learn more about our direct mail services or to get started today.