commercial production

Today, it’s not enough to just showcase your product and ask people to buy it. Instead, brands should take the extra step and develop a creative campaign that helps customers connect with their company. Think affect. This is where high-quality storytelling meeting commercial production.

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a commercial that customers can’t forget, now is your time. Reach out to discuss our creative commercial production services for brands of all shapes and sizes.

So whether you’re venturing into ads for the first time or looking to expand an existing strategy, we’re here to help.


commercial production


When you come to us for a new commercial, we’ll spend some time getting to know your brand – who you are and the core values of your company.

From there, we’ll work with you to develop a high-quality commercial that checks the boxes you want it to check and supports your company’s overall goals. Are you launching a new product or trying to drive traffic to a new store?

No matter what the objective might be, our team is the one to help you make it happen.

Why Create Commercials?

Today, many people believe commercials are defunct. After all, nobody watches them, right? And social media has become the preferred mode of communication. Luckily, that’s not altogether true.

One of the biggest reasons to create commercials in the modern marketing world is that they’re intensely memorable. What a blog might be able to announce in 2,000 words, a well-formatted commercial can cover in a minute of video or less.

Consumers remember more of what they see than what they hear, which means commercials can be a fantastic way to boost your brand awareness and encourage recall.

No matter how you cut it, commercials are still a smart idea, and Myers Marketing is here to offer the creative and high-quality commercial production services you need to stand out. Contact our creative firm today to learn more about our commercial offerings, or to get started with your new project.


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